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Henry Kables Grave Windsor
Henry Kables Grave Windsor
On 18 March 1783, Kable was convicted of burglary at Thetford, Norfolk, England and sentenced to death. His sentence was commuted to transportation for fourteen years to the United States, however, the American Revolution made transportation to America impossible and Henry was returned to the Norwich Castle gaol.

At Norwich Castle gaol, Henry met and began a relationship with Susannah Holmes, who gave birth in prison to a son Henry. Holmes had been sentenced to death on 22 March 1784 after being found guilty of theft. Her sentence was also commuted and she was sentenced to transportation to the United States colonies for a term of 14 years.  
  16 Apr 2019


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Henry Kable and Susannah Holmes
Henry Kable and Susannah Holmes
Henry and Susannah Kable had 11 children in total. Henry who had been born in England and another 10 children born in New South Wales including Dianna (1788–1854), Enoch (1791–1793), James (1793-1809), Susannah (1796-1885), George Esto (1797-1853), Eunice (1799-1867), William Nathaniel (1801-1837) John (1802-1859), Charles Dickenson (born 1804), and Edgar James (1806–1849).

In 1968, on the 180th anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet, more than a hundred descendants of Henry and Susannah Kable met in Sydney at Crows Nest to honour them as one of Australia's founding families. It was the first reunion of descendants in Australia to acknowledge convict ancestry. 
  16 Apr 2019
Susannah Holmes
Susannah Holmes
Susannah Holmes (c1762-1825) had been convicted of breaking into the house of Jabez Taylor and stealing 'one pair of linen sheets value 10 Shillings, one linen gown value 5 shillings, one linen shift value 2 shillings, four yards of Irish linen cloth value 6 shillings, three linen handkerchiefs value 3 shillings, one silk handkerchief value 2 shillings, three muslin neckcloths value 18 pence, two black silk cloaks value 10 shillings, two silver tablespoons value 12 shillings, two silver teaspoons value 2 shillings, goods of said Jabez'. 
  16 Apr 2019
Henry Cable
Henry Cable
Henry Cable was tried at Thetford, Norfolk on 14 March 1783 for burglary with a value of 450 shillings. He was sentenced to transportation for 7 years having been originally sentenced to death, and left England on the Friendship aged about 20 at that time (May 1787). His occupation was listed as labourer. He died in 1846. Married Susannah Holmes whom he had met on Dunkirk. An early entrepeneur. Night watch member. 
  16 Apr 2019


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Kable, William 
b. 1893  Dubbo, NSW  16 Apr 2019
Kable, Eileen Dorothy 
b. 15 Sep 1923  Dunedoo, NSW  16 Apr 2019
Milson, Henry William Charles 
b. 6 Jan 1918  St Peters, NSW  16 Apr 2019
McMullen, Mary Rose 
b. 1898  Rylestone, NSW  16 Apr 2019
Kable, Eileen Dorothy 
b. 15 Sep 1923  Dunedoo, NSW  16 Apr 2019
Wilson, Florence Lily 
   16 Apr 2019
McMullen, Daniel J 
   16 Apr 2019
Westbrook, Adelina Benedicta 
   16 Apr 2019
Hodgen, Thomas 
   16 Apr 2019
Hogden, Rebecca 
b. 1873   16 Apr 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I6345  William Kable  I6346  Mary Rose McMullen  1918  16 Apr 2019
     I6349  Eileen Dorothy Kable  13 Jul 1949  16 Apr 2019
     I6346  Mary Rose McMullen  1918  16 Apr 2019
         1918  16 Apr 2019
 I6341  Frederick William Kable  I6342  Rebecca Hogden  1892  16 Apr 2019
 I6347  Daniel J McMullen  I6348  Florence Lily Wilson    16 Apr 2019
 I6343  Thomas Hodgen  I6344  Adelina Benedicta Westbrook    16 Apr 2019
 I6318  Charles Herbert Frederick Currin  I6317  Alma Lorraine Milson  1952  16 Apr 2019
 I6309  Charles William Kable  I6338  Esther Pitthouse  1892  16 Apr 2019
 I6339  Frederick Pitthouse  I6340  Elizabeth    16 Apr 2019