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Genealogy of the Lyman Family in Great Britain & America: The Ancestors ...

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  • Title Genealogy of the Lyman Family in Great Britain & America: The Ancestors ... 
    Short Title Genealogy of the Lyman Family in Great Britain & America: The Ancestors  
    Author Lyman Coleman 
    Repository Ancestors 
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    Text I. Sir Badulphus Lambert, Knight, grandson of Lambert, Count of Loraine and Mods, came into England, with his kinsman "William the Conqueror, and was present at the battle of Hastings. He had a grant of divers lands and manors in the county of York, his chief seat being at Skipton, in Cravin, county of York. ;'

    He m. Alidinora dau. of Sir Ralph de Toney, a Norman nobleman, who came into England with William the Conqueror, and was one of his chief generals at the battle of Hastings, Oct. 14, A.D. 1066..

    II. Sir Hugh Fitz Lambert, s. of the preceding knight, Lord of Skipton, in Cravin, county of York, time Henry I; m. Maud, dau. of Peter Ross, Lord of Ross, county York. John Lambert, 2d s. of Sir Hugh Fitz Lambert.

    III. Sir Henry Lambert, Knight, Lord of Skipton in Cravin county of York, time, King Stephen; heir of Sir Hugh Fitz.
    William, 2d son.

    IV. Sir John Lambert, Knight, Lord of Skipton in Cravin, county York; time, Henry H.

    V. Sir Edward Lambert, Knight. Sir Edward Lambert, Knight; time, Richard I.
    Thomas Lambert, s. of Wm., and sheriff of London. Henry II.

    VI. Sir John Lambert, Knight, etc., living in A.D. . 1187.
    Edmund Lambert, 2d son. —

    VII. Sir Thomas Lambert, Knight, etc., time, Henry
    Edmund Lambert'-, eldest son of Edmund; time, Henry, III.

    VIII. Sir "William Lambert, Knight, etc., time, Edward I, m. Jane, daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Cresey, Knight.

    John Lambert, s. and heir to Edmund, time Ed. I; m. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Sir Gilbert de Pijkering, Knight, county York.

    IX. Sir Henry Lambert, Knight, etc., of Owlton, county of Durham, time, Edward II; m. Isabella Lambert, sole daughter and heir.

    X. Sir Nicholas Lambert, Knight, Lord of Skipton, etc., and of Owlton, county Durham; time, Edward HI, and Richard H.

    XI. Alan Lambert, Esq.,of Owlton; time, Richard I., and Henry IV.
    Thomas, 2d son of Sir Nicholas.
    John, 3d son of Sir Nicholas.

    XII. Sir William Lambert, s. of Alan and Knight of Owlton, 9th Henry V; m. Johanna, sister and co-heir of Gilbert De Umfreville, Earl of Kyme, a famous soldier in the French wars in the time of Henry IV and V; slain with Thomas, Duke of Clarence and others, A.D. 1421.

    XIII Robert Lambert, Esq., of Owlton.

    XIV. Henry Lambert, Esq., of Ongar, county of Essex, living 25th Henry VI.

    XV. Elizabeth Lambert, dau. of Henry, m. Thomas Lyman, Esq., of Navistoke, county of Essex—time Henry VII—ancestor of Richard, the patriarch of all the families of Lyman in the United States and British provinces in America.

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