Dickinson/Milson Genealogy
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St Leonards, NSW



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, Freda  1909St Leonards, NSW I231
2 Lord, Blanche De Mestre  5 Jan 1861St Leonards, NSW I424
3 Milson, Alfred Douglas  25 Jul 1889St Leonards, NSW I449
4 Milson, Alfred George  1856St Leonards, NSW I423
5 Milson, Alice Eustacia  1859St Leonards, NSW I428
6 Milson, Alice Mary Achison  4 May 1871St Leonards, NSW I528
7 Milson, Constance Jane Eustatia  3 Oct 1861St Leonards, NSW I534
8 Milson, Ellen Maria Robson  1859St Leonards, NSW I517
9 Milson, Ellen Maude  1861St Leonards, NSW I435
10 Milson, Ernest Lawrence S K  1874St Leonards, NSW I533
11 Milson, Florence Mary  22 Mar 1858St Leonards, NSW I429
12 Milson, George H W  1865St Leonards, NSW I532
13 Milson, Hilda Mabel  1881St Leonards, NSW I508
14 Milson, Innes Vivian  1892St Leonards, NSW I453
15 Milson, James Lord  1882St Leonards, NSW I425
16 Milson, Leslie James  8 Feb 1863St Leonards, NSW I439
17 Milson, Lucy Melanie Julia  1869St Leonards, NSW I526
18 Milson, Muriel Hyde  1880St Leonards, NSW I426
19 Milson, Prosper Guy  1886St Leonards, NSW I514
20 Milson, Victor John  1883St Leonards, NSW I509


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Grimes, Marianne Elizabeth  5 Nov 1864St Leonards, NSW I417
2 Lord, Blanche De Mestre  3 Sep 1886St Leonards, NSW I424
3 Milson, Caroline  3 Aug 1876St Leonards, NSW I516
4 Milson, Elizabeth C G H  1876St Leonards, NSW I515
5 Milson, Elizabeth Hale  2 May 1872St Leonards, NSW I388
6 Milson, Ellen Maria Robson  1910St Leonards, NSW I517
7 Milson, Ernest Lawrence S K  22 Sep 1875St Leonards, NSW I533
8 Milson, Florence Mary  1940St Leonards, NSW I429
9 Milson, George H W  5 Mar 1875St Leonards, NSW I532
10 Milson, Gordon Frederick  4 Mar 1972St Leonards, NSW I730
11 Milson, Hilda Mabel  1972St Leonards, NSW I508
12 Milson, James Joseph  12 Jan 1903St Leonards, NSW I386
13 Milson, Jean  3 Aug 1876St Leonards, NSW I523
14 Milson, Sophia  12 Jan 1903St Leonards, NSW I385
15 Thompson, Francis Clarke  1964St Leonards, NSW I540
16 Williams, Prosper De Mestre Orleans  30 Nov 1908St Leonards, NSW I430


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1902St Leonards, NSW F177
2 Alison / Milson  1887St Leonards, NSW F180
3 Bauer / Milson  1883St Leonards, NSW F174
4 Minnett / Milson  1881St Leonards, NSW F213
5 Osborne / Milson  1902St Leonards, NSW F190
6 Williams /   25 Mar 1880St Leonards, NSW F178
7 Williams / Milson  25 Mar 1880St Leonards, NSW F185